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by Frank Marafiote

Protests in Iran 12/27/09

The news out of Iran today is both stunning and joyous.

Shouting "death to the dictator," Iranian protesters took to the streets again yesterday and today. In response, the government crackdown has become more violent -- there's tear gas in the streets, helicopters monitoring the scenes in the streets, burned out cars, and up to nine deaths. Reports say that soldiers fired upon unarmed dissidents. As the picture above shows, these are not scattered incidents, but large, organized groups of Iranian citizens willing to sacrifice their lives for their cause.


During the past few months, I admit that I read the news of the on-going protests with some skepticism. My cynical side told me that the protests would not last, that the iron claw of tyranny would have its way in Iran. Today's news stories have convinced me that the protests are not going away. This is a confrontation that will either end in a bloody civil war or the ultimate overthrow of the religious fanatics controlling Iran.

Here's my question for all those who opposed the Bush policy of regime change in Iraq: If the Iranian protesters ask for our help, should we intervene? Or should we do as we did in Hungary in 1956 and let the forces of tyranny crush this revolution?

Here are some incredible photos and videos of the Iranian protests as published today by the Los Angeles Times.