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The Hillary Clinton Quarterly has been keeping up with Hillary's career since 1992 when she became First Lady. As Secretary of State, Hillary carries out the President's foreign policies through the State Department and the Foreign Service of the United States. She was sworn in as the 67th Secretary of State of the United States on January 21, 2009.

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By Frank Marafiote

From The Village Blog

Red flag for a sinking Obama: Americans now prefer Hillary Clinton

By Andrew Malcom

It turns out, there is another Democrat -- another former senator, in fact -- hanging around now free of political tussles with an enhanced resume burnished on the world stage, thanks to Obama himself. And a new CNN/Opinion Research Poll has just revealed that even today Americans like that other Democrat more and dislike that other Democrat less than they do the incumbent Democratic president.

That other Democrat is, of course, Hillary Clinton, who fought and scratched her way mightily but unsuccessfully through those bitter, belligerent Democratic primaries and caucuses of 2008. The former first lady and current secretary of State professes no intra-mural interest in challenging her White House boss, as she must as long as she's an administration team member.

LA Times 04/14/10

Bill Clinton: Hillary and I are too old to be appointed to the Supreme Court

Bill and Hillary Clinton have both held big jobs in their lives, but the ex-president said Sunday that Supreme Court justice shouldn't be among them - they're too old.

"She would be good at it," Clinton said of his wife, 62, adding that at "one point in her life, she might [have] been interested. But she's like me, you know, we're kind of doers," Clinton said. "I think if she were asked, she would advise the President to appoint some 10, 15 years younger."

New York Daily News 04/18/10

Nearly Two Decades Later, Clinton Wins on Healthcare

By Jessica Rettig

It's taken nearly two decades, but Hillary Clinton is finally making a difference on healthcare. Clinton, who as first lady tried but failed to win congressional and public approval of national healthcare, is hitting home runs on the issue as President Obama's secretary of state. But instead of working domestically, where Obama finally did win on healthcare, Clinton is working on the global stage helping women find better access to care.

This week, she received credit for her efforts from Women's Policy Inc. and the Congressional Caucus on Women's Issues. At a breakfast sponsored by Women's Policy, Rachel Vogelstein, State's senior policy adviser for the Office of Global Women's Issues, said that Clinton has played a fundamental role in the implementation of her department's recently-launched global health initiative. The plan will dedicate $63 billion over six years to its mission, with a focus on the well-being and empowerment of girls and women in particular, who generally provide the care-giving roles in third-world households.

US News - Washington Whispers 04/16/10

Cinton Calls Out Armey And Gingrich For Reprising Roles, Reusing Lines

By Sam Stein

Speaking on Friday about the parallels between the fiery national mood during his presidency and the domestic unrest that grips the country today, former President Bill Clinton hit on a somewhat salient point: the political characters remain the same.

"I love seeing that picture in the [Washington] Post today, with that outline of [Former Majority Leader Dick] Armey with the cowboy hat on," Clinton said. "I remember when he called Hillary a 'socialist.' I remember when Newt Gingrich, shortly after becoming Speaker Elect, said that Hillary and I were the 'enemies of normal.' It didn't bother me a bit. I was planning to get in and mix it up. But what we learned from [the] Oklahoma City [bombing] is not that we should gag each other.... but that the words we use really do matter, because there is this vast echo chamber and they go across space and they fall on the serious and the delirious alike."

The Huffington Post 04/16/10

The secret to loosening up Hillary Clinton is revealed and no it isn't Bill.

Who knew that Hillary Clinton could be such a lush. For those of you who ever wondered what it takes to actually loosen up Hillary Clinton, the answer is a few glasses of Jack Daniels. It must be nice to be able to get wasted on the tax payer's dime and not have to worry about being fired for it, thus the life of a liberal elitist. Did you all know that the State Department spent $300,000 dollars last year on alcohol purchases? I wish I could give a rational explanation on why the State Department needs to spend tax dollars on alcohol, but I can't think of one I'm sober. This type of waste is why the Tea Party exists and are ticked off. How many books and computers can $300,000 buy for inner city schools and recreation centers? Forgot about the citizens money going up in smoke. It's more like it's going "down the hatch" cheers.

Wake up Black America 04/16/10

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