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Republican National Committee Purchased "Hillary Haters" List.

by Valentine Wilber


The Hillary Clinton Quarterly uncovers more evidence of a vast right-wing conspiracy-- 

Readers of the Hillary Clinton Quarterly know about the Hillary Rodham Clinton Fan Club. They might be surprised to learn, however, about a more ominous phenomenon, a 29,888 name �Hillary Haters List� being marketed by the Affinity Marketing Group, Fairfax, Virginia. This Virginian town, coincidentally, is also home to the law office of Gilbert Davis, Esq., Paula Jones� lead counsel.

Mike Murray, an Affinity account executive, told us that the list basically consists of donors to conservative causes �who are then assigned to a file which becomes the list.� Although we spoke to Murray shortly after the midterm elections on November 8, he said it was still too soon to tell whether the voting results would have any impact on sales. Groups that have purchased the list thus far include the Republican National Committee and the American Life League.

Authorship of the list is anonymous, and the compiler prefers it that way, although the accompanying blurb reads, "This group of American taxpayers and voters despise anything and everything to do with Bill and Hillary Clinton. These folks are so far right they make Rush Limbaugh look liberal!"

Affinity is essentially an apolitical firm which manages 120 files, about 60 - 70 of which Murray describes as �very liberal� lists. �On balance we�re more liberal,� he told us, although only five percent of the lists have some political association. The same firm also handles the Clinton Defense Fund, as well as a list of Ann Richards supporters, an Air Force Association member list, and a list relating to Car and Parts magazine. Murray notes that the height of the Carter Administration was a high point for conservative, Republican fund raising efforts, and a time when more conservative files sold well. Liberal files, he added, seem to generally have their day during Republican presidencies.

Although several anti-Clinton lists -- 23,170 anti-Clinton activists and 37,677 anti-Clinton defense donors -- can be found in the Mail and List Managers section of the Standard Rate and Data Service directory, the Hillary Haters list gives new meaning to the concept of a White House Enemies List.

Hillary�s old friend, Richard Nixon, would have been proud.


(Originally published in the Hillary Clinton Quarterly, Winter, 1994)



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