Keeping Up With Hillary Since 1992.

The Hillary Clinton Quarterly has been keeping up with Hillary's career since 1992 when she became First Lady. As Secretary of State, Hillary carries out the President's foreign policies through the State Department and the Foreign Service of the United States. She was sworn in as the 67th Secretary of State of the United States on January 21, 2009.

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Articles from the Hillary Clinton Quarterly.

Many of the articles that were published in the original print edition of The Hillary Clinton Quarterly are available on this web site. Because HCQ was "born" in the pre-Internet days of 1992, the publishing rights that we purchased from writers often did not include the right to re-publish material electronically.

We continue to add new and previously-published material to our menu of articles about Hillary.

If you would like to purchase back issues of HCQ, please select the link below. The print editions included a great deal of material not available on this web site, including original Hillary photos, cartoons, "songbooks," and other news and humorous feature stories.

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Hillary Clinton Motorcade Attacked by Protesters in Manila

Hillary Clinton Credited with Key Role in Success of NATO Airstrikes, Libyan Rebels

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Vows Reprisals for Taliban Attack On US Embassy in Kabul

Comparing Former First Lady Hillary Clinton To Betty Ford And
Other First Ladies

Anthony Weiner's Wife, Huma Abedin, Asks Hillary Clinton for Advice

Hillary Clinton Defends U.S. Involvement in Libya.

Hillary Clinton Changes Course, Advocates Attack on Gadhafi's Forces

Hillary Clinton's Shameful Betrayal of the Libyan People

Hillary Clinton Condemns Corruption in Arab States

Hillary Clinton Meets with Chinese Foreign Minister in Advance of
President Hu's Visit

Hillary Clinton Is Named Most Admired Woman for the 15th Time

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton Discusses The Middle East, Pakistan, Afghanistan, And Other Issues With ABC's Robin Roberts

Ten Reasons Why Hillary Won't Replace Joe Biden On The 2012 Ticket

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Arrives For First Day of Work At The U.S. State Department

A Biographical Timeline of the Major Events and Accomplishments in the Life of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Addresses Issue of Sexual Violence and Mass Rape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Faint Praise from Politico As Hillary Clinton's Poll Numbers Soar

Hillary Clinton Pledges U.S Support for South Africa's Economic Growth

Hillary Clinton Offers Support for Cafeteria Democracy in Honduras

Will the Violence in Iran Turn into Another Hungary 1956?

Hillary Clinton Pledges U.S. Support for South Africa's Economic Growth

Hillary Clinton Leads U.S. - China Strategic and Economic Dialogue

Hillary Clinton Antagonist Scott Ritter Arrested in Teen Sex Sting

Hillary Clinton Says She's Absolutely Not Interested In Running for President Again

Hillary Clinton Hostage-Taker Is on the Loose - Again!

GOP Homophobe Calls NH Democratic Chair a Faggot, Gets Fired

Thinking about Vince Foster's Suicide

Hillary Clinton Raises Objections to Arizona Immigration Law

Hillary Clinton: Supreme Court Doesn't Fit My Personality

21,200 Miles Later, Hillary Clinton Comes Home from African Tour

Hillary Clinton's Remarks to Press Following Speech at U.N. Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference - 05/03/10

National Enquirer: How We Made Up Our Story About Hillary Clinton

GOP to Unemployed: Eat Dirt!

Hillary Clinton and Madison Guaranty: Conflict of Interest or Bum Rap?

First Lady Hillary Clinton Talks to Elle Magazine about Whitewater

Hillary Clinton at Yale Law School

The Real Story of the Hillary Clinton Quarterly

Hillary Clinton's Speech on Internet Freedom, January 21, 2010

Hillary Clinton the Dominatrix, Spy Magazine, 1993

Going "Cold Turkey" On Thanksgiving

Sucking On The Government Tit And Health Care Reform

Hillary Clinton's First Speech About Health Care Reform.

Hillary Clinton Reassures India That Relationship Is Still A Priority for U.S.

As The World Turns, Hillary Clinton Takes The Spotlight

Can Hillary Be Saved?

Bill Clinton's Affairs Are Still an Issue

As Congress Falters, Hillary Clinton Gains Strength

A Conversation with Hillary Clinton Biographer and Washington Post Reporter Donnie Radcliffe

Evolution, Not Revolution, at Hillary Clinton's White House

Far Right Dooms Health Care Reform

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Hillary Clinton and the Media

In Sickness and in Health: Hillary Clinton Takes Charge

Hillary Clinton's Senior Thesis about Radical Activist Saul Alinsky

Hillary Clinton's Shocking Drug Diary

Hillary Clinton and Her Girlfriends: Out of the Closet and into the Rumor Mill

Republican National Committee Purchased "Hillary Haters" List

Hillary Clinton Jokes Banned in Boston

Hillary Clinton has Won in States that Produce 63% of U.S. Gross Domestic Product

Hillary Clinton's High School Yearbook

In Defense of Hillary Clinton

Who Killed Hillary Clinton's Health Care Reform?

Lamp Tossing in the White House? Welcome to the Real World

The World According to Rush Limbaugh and Hillary Clinton

The Noose Around John McCain's Neck is Called Reaganomics

Michelle Obama's Senior Thesis

The Concord Monitor Endorses Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire Primary

Obama's Changing Position on Iraq War

Commencement Address by Senator Hillary Clinton at Paul Smith's College

Plow and Hearth Sells Racist Stereotypes

Today's Top Political News

Politics, Lies, and Videotape: Trashing Hillary Clinton

A Private View of Hillary Clinton

The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy: Hillary Clinton Strikes Back at Her Critics

Shame on Hillary Clinton: She Needs Those "Second Tier" Candidates

Sleaze for Sale: How Hillary Clinton's Enemies Use the Media

New Hampshire Primary Voters: Syrup Sucking Squirrel Watchers?

Hillary Clinton, We Still Hardly Know You

Hillary Clinton: Saint or Sinner? Biography Tells "The Inside Story"

Women Who Hate Hillary Clinton

Why I Am Writing In Hillary Clinton for President

What They're Saying About Hillary Clinton - 3/21/10

What They're Saying About Hillary Clinton - 3/28/10

What They're Saying About Hillary Clinton - 4/04/10

What They're Saying About Hillary Clinton - 4/11/10

What They're Saying About Hillary Clinton - 4/18/10

What They're Saying About Hillary Clinton - 4/25/10

What They Were Saying About Hillary Clinton - HCQ Archives, Spring 1994

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From co-editor Rake Morgan:

Hillary Clinton the Dominatrix, Spy Magazine, 1993.

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Who Killed Hillary Clinton's Health Care Reform?

In Sickness and In Health: Hillary Clinton Takes Charge.

Far Right Dooms Health Care Reform.

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