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Laura Ingraham blasts Obama for pro-choice position.

Laura Ingraham blasts Obama for being pro-choice.

Which would be more surprising?

A) Any of the candidates for the GOP presidential nomination coming out in favor of taxing millionaires?

B) President Obama supporting a woman’s right to choose?

If you guessed “B,” stop reading this blog and go back to bed.  Maybe Laura should go back to sleep, too.

In a recent blog post, she took Obama to task for supporting a position that he has had all of his political life: a woman’s right to choose. Uncovering Obama’s position on abortion took a lot of sly detective work on her part.

The “revelation” in her post is that Obama and many of his supporters believe that there are environmental and economic reasons to be pro-choice. Why is that any more unsavory than hearing the far-right claim that taxing the rich is “unfair” economically?

The “most listened-to woman political radio show host(ess)” evidently needed some filler for her blog. We’re happy to do our part and share her hard work with our more politically moderate audience.

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