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What they’re saying about Hillary Clinton – 04/11/10

Every week I’m taking a look at some of the more interesting and sometimes off-beat comments the world media has to say about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Here are a few choice excerpts for this week’s report –

Hillary’s Disproportionate Response

by Jack L. Schwartzwald

Hillary’s demand that Israel cease all housing construction in the eastern portion of Jerusalem will prove a bitter — if not fatal — pill for the Netanyahu government to swallow.  More importantly, however, the Secretary of State’s Orwellian approach to diplomacy will make it difficult for Israel to place stock in American assurances the next time Hillary publicly calls upon the Jewish state to take patently dangerous risks for peace.  Indeed, it may be her own shrinking stock rather than Israel’s construction planning that has exposed the ominous “daylight” about which she expressed such concern to AIPAC.

American Thinker 04/08/2010

Clinton helps Islamic terror supporter enter U.S.

by Jim Kouri

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton signed an order allowing a radical Islamic man with terrorist ties to tour cities in the United States in spite of a six-year ban, according to a report obtained by the National Association of Chiefs of Police’s Terrorism Committee.

Secretary Clinton consented to have Tariq Ramadan, an extremist Muslim who supports Islamic terrorism, visit New York City — the city attacked by 19 Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001 — to begin a U.S. tour that includes New Jersey, Chicago, Detroit and Washington.

Clinton’s decision — ignored by the mainstream news media — is part of the president’s mission of creating a “new and improved relationship” with Muslims around the world. The State Department had for years denied the two scholars visas because they were deemed to pose a national security threat in the United States.

Manchester Examiner 04/09/2010

Hillary Clinton is Worse than Joe McCarthy

Like Joseph McCarthy, Hillary is a second rate politician who is using fear of a foreign enemy to advance her career. The sad thing is that McCarthy at least had a real enemy to rail against and a semblance of real power to use against his enemies. Hillary has nothing but the gullibility and laziness of America’s media and intellectuals to rely upon. Indeed in comparison to Hillary Clinton, Joseph McCarthy sounds quite sane and reasonable.

The hysteria Hillary Clinton is preying upon, on the other hand is entirely artificial. McCarthy could at least point to a powerful Soviet Union that had achieved significant military victories over Nazi Germany as a threat. Hillary is saying that a regime that can’t control the streets of its own capitol; the Iranian Islamic Republic, is a threat to the United States.

How long I wonder will the American people and President Obama put up with Hillary? I hope it isn’t for much longer because the woman is in a position to do some real damage.

AllVoices 04/08/2010

Hillary Clinton Too Old for Supreme Court

by James Joyner

Speculating on Supreme Court appointments is a great parlor game and throwing the “pick a politician” wildcard into the game is especially fun. Hillary would be confirmed easily, I’d think.  The 1990s are over and the controversies surrounding her have long since died down.  She was, by all accounts, a hard worker and excellent colleague in the Senate and she sailed to confirmation as Secretary of State.

But, even assuming Obama decides to bypass the recent trend of picking law professors and appeals court justices — preferably those with little history of taking controversial positions — I don’t think Hillary is the gal.

She’s too old.

Stevens was appointed by Gerald Ford 35 years ago.  He served the entirety of the presidencies of Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush plus the first half of Barack Obama’s first term.  That sort of longevity is the goal.

Does Hillary Clinton have another 35 good years in her?  Through age 97?  Well, let us hope.   But, were I a betting man, I’d prefer to put my money on a younger horse.

Outside the Beltway 04/10/2010

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